Lessons are a great way to expedite your learning.

Lessons are offered by Danielle Hickerson 580-747-7497

You are welcome to come ride with us!

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Want to learn to ride?  There's no better
way than with our great horses, Walter
and Newt.  We do beginner lessons,
kids lessons, we'll even do bareback!  
Just let us know what your goals are
and we'll put you on a schedule that as
you would like, once your comfortable
in the saddle we'll even take you out on
the farm to see what horseback riding
is really all about!
"The Real Thing" riding
lessons, it will be your
your horse, saddle and
bridle him as well.  "The
Real Thing" riding (Under
supervision of lessons, it
will be your course)  We
teach from responsibility
to brush the ground up
total horsemanship
where safety always
comes first.